The workstation market managed to achieve record shipments last year

According to the research company IDC, despite the slowdown in workstation sales in the second

half of last year, at the end of the year the marketmanaged to achieve a record shipment of 7.7 million devices, thus exceeding the previous record shipments in 2021 by 2.1%. Last year's growth is attributed to the return to work in the office, which made it possible to meet the demand for workstations from the corporate sector. It is expected that this year the sales volume will continue to decline and will decrease by 4.2% by the end of the year. But going forward, moving to Windows 11 will lead to increased demand for workstations and higher sales in 2024.

Dell led the market with 41 shares.4% and sales volume of 3.17 million devices. In second place was HP with a share of 33.7% and sales of 2.58 million devices, in third place was Lenovo with a share of 24.3% and sales of 1.86 million devices.