The WhatsApp vulnerability makes the application unsuitable immediately for a group of users (2 photos)

In one of the most popular sharing appsWhatsApp instant messaging often identifies numerous errors that threaten users' confidential information. Another vulnerability of the service was recently identified by experts at Check Point Research.

After joining a group chatthe user can edit certain message parameters using the WhatsApp web interface and the browser debugging tool. Then, hackers could create an “unstoppable emergency cycle for all participants in a group chat,” which could only be fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the application. In the future, the chat participant could not simply return to the group, and the history of correspondence was irretrievably lost.

After Check Point reportsvulnerabilities, the error was fixed after the release of update 2.19.58. The WhatsApp team also added new controls to limit the ability to add unfamiliar members to the group. Users are encouraged to keep track of newly introduced fixes and make regular updates.

Source: Engadget