The video showed the real work of the OPPO Super Flash Charge 125W

In the near future, smartphone userswill be able to get away from the problem of prolonged charging of devices using the just announced new 125W Super Flash Charge wired charger from OPPO.

On the official video presenteddevelopers demonstrate the full process of charging a smartphone from 0 to 100%. For greater clarity, a thermal imager is used in the video, which makes it possible to evaluate the change in the temperature of the smartphone during the charging process.

A smartphone withbattery with a capacity of 4000mAh. The entire charging process from 0 to 100% took only 20 minutes. Already in the first minute of Super Flash Charge operation, the smartphone received about 10% of the battery charge, 50% charge was reached in 7 minutes, and after 10 minutes the battery received a little more than 61% of the energy. At 15 minutes, the battery was 81% charged.

It is noteworthy that during the whole processWhen charging, the temperature of the smartphone remained stable and reached 38.2 degrees Celsius in the area of ​​the charger connector. Company representatives said that the charger has several temperature sensors that monitor the device's heating throughout the charging process.

At this time, OPPO has not announced a timeline for the 125W Super Flash Charge on the market.