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The use of industrial robots has increased the death rate in the US

Today, a huge number of carsaircraft and other equipment are produced using industrial robots. This is done to save money - buying and maintaining robots is cheaper than paying wages to working people. Replacing people with robotics leads to unemployment, which directly affects the quality of life of people. Recently, American scientists found that the installation of industrial robots in factories in the past few decades has led to an increase in the number of deaths in the United States. It is noteworthy that people aged 45 to 54 who lost their jobs were at risk. Previously, company representatives assured that the use of robots would allow people to do less hard work, but it seems that this does not work - people who are left without work are simply dying of despair. Let's look at this topic in greater detail.

Automation of production leads to unemployment, which has serious consequences

Automation of production led to an increase in deaths in the United States

The results of the research work werepublished in the journal Demography. Researchers already know for certain that automation in factories with the help of industrial robots is one of the main reasons for the loss of jobs in the world. Previous research has found that robots caused 420,000 job losses in the 1990s. In the 2000s, more robotic technology became available, so even more people lost their jobs in the United States - 750,000 people.

For decades, manufacturers inThe United States has been turning to automation to remain globally competitive, but this technological innovation has reduced the number of quality jobs available to non-collegiate adults, a group that has seen a rise in mortality in recent years, explained Associate Professor of Sociology Rourke O'Brien. Rourke O'Brien).

Robotic arms assemble Tesla cars

In a new study, researcherscompared the rate of growth in the popularity of industrial robots between 1993 and 2007 and the death rates of humans over the same period. Statistics showed that each robot taken into service resulted in eight additional deaths per 100,000 men aged 45 to 54. Technology-related unemployment has hit women's life expectancy as well, with each industrial machine resulting in four additional deaths per 100,000 women in the same age group.

Robots reduce the quality of life of people

According to researchers, automation has led tosignificant reduction in wages. Even if some people were able to find other jobs, they clearly started getting less money. This has led to such consequences as an increase in the number of murders, cases of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Statistics showed that middle-aged men often killed themselves, and people aged 20 to 29 died from an overdose of illegal substances.

The study showed that automation causesdamage to people's health, both directly (by reducing employment, wages and access to healthcare), and indirectly, reducing the economic viability of society as a whole, the scientists explained.

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How to solve the problem of unemployment?

How can the problem be solved at this time?point is not entirely clear. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to convince companies to abandon robotic technology - it really costs less and copes with its tasks faster. In 2017, Microsoft founder Bill Gates proposed a tax on the use of robotics. In his opinion, if the companies that automate the production of products pay a tax, this money can be used to train people in new professions that robots cannot currently handle. But clearly no one listened to the words of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates' opinion on factory automation

In the future, robots and computers may take away jobsnot only people who work in factories. Journalists, translators, artists and so on are also under threat - artificial intelligence is learning to cope with their tasks. While writing this article, I was reminded of Daniel Susskind's book A Future Without Jobs. Technology, automation and whether to be afraid of them. In it, he just touches on the topic of technology-related unemployment. It is important to note that the cover of the book was drawn by a neural network, and some fragments were translated into Russian by the Yandex.Translate algorithms.

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