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The US government explained the most famous UFO encounters

It's no secret that the US government is carefullystudies every case of a meeting with a UFO, as previously officially reported by the Pentagon. True, this is not about the statements of ordinary people, but only the military. All the collected information was kept secret for many years, which gave rise to numerous conspiracy theories among ufologists. And only in recent years the Americans gradually began to declassify the collected materials. What's more, the US government has even officially explained some of the most famous UFO sightings that have taken place over the past ten years. Many, of course, are interested in information about aliens. Does the US government mention aliens or are there other explanations for the unidentified flying objects?

The US government began to explain the meetings with UFOs filmed on video

UFO - documentary evidence

UFO the US government calls in officialdocuments by unidentified flying phenomena, or UAE. As you understand, these phenomena are not fiction at all. There are photos and even video evidence of them, and they are provided exclusively by the military, more often by pilots. Some of these videos have been made public, but most of the US Navy is not going to show people yet, and they have their own reasons for that.

All materials received by the US service are carefullyresearched and analyzed, which allowed them to draw certain conclusions. So, according to the government, none of the videos or photos contain footage of aliens, or rather, flying saucers. But what did the military pilots record then? There are various explanations.

Experts did not find aliens in the UFO video

UFOs are not aliens?

According to representatives of the Americangovernments, many UFOs are actually Chinese reconnaissance drones. China previously allegedly managed to obtain blueprints for some of the advanced American fighters. Therefore, at present, the Chinese are using drones to find out how pilots are trained in the United States to fly these fighters.

In other cases, for NVY eyewitnesses tookconventional military aircraft. But what about the anomalous trajectories of these unidentified objects? Sometimes their flight defies the laws of physics. According to the researchers, the anomalies may be the result of optical illusions. In particular, this explanation applies to the GOFAST video we talked about earlier.

In the video, the object moves over the water with incrediblespeed. But according to researchers, the whole secret is in an optical illusion. It is created by the angle of the video recording relative to the water. The speed of the object actually does not exceed 48 km/h.

Why UFOs have no explanation

Despite careful research on UFOs, farnot all encounters can be explained by the US government. But the point here is not at all that the video contains materials that defy explanation. According to the US government, it's all about low-quality videos, in which it is impossible to make out what exactly was filmed. This is stated in the 2021 report.

However, the report contains some generalexplanations of NVY. It says that the phenomena are related to technologies “deployed in China” or non-governmental organizations. Also, weather balloons and even birds are often mistaken for UFOs. Aliens are not mentioned anywhere in the reports. However, the report did not put an end to conspiracy theories at all. It should be noted that there is no complete transparency on the part of the government regarding UFOs to this day. As a result, there are no fewer conspiracy theorists, but rather the opposite.

Some UFOs the US government cannot explain

Why doesn't the government share everything?information? According to Sue Gough, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense, this is due to the fact that there is not enough data to definitively explain these or those NVEs. However, the government is willing to share any information as long as it does not jeopardize national security.

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Finally, we recall that not only the ministryThe US Defense Department is investigating NVE. Earlier we said that NASA also created an independent research group, which will work until the middle of next year. The team will focus on collecting and analyzing UFO data to develop new methods for identifying unidentified objects in the US sky. Thus, the UFO issue has not yet come to an end.