The universal adapter for sockets of the whole world is invented (6 photos + video)

Modern man is continuously moving oncountries and continents. Meanwhile, the electrical networks of many countries have different, non-standardized electrical outlets standards. To charge mobile gadgets, which are a mandatory attribute of the modern traveler, you have to buy adapters. Nowadays, over a million types of such devices are produced in the world, many of which are unreliable and sometimes dangerous. The problem is solved with the help of the universal adapter Evo, the most compact device of this type, which allows to work with electric networks in 157 countries of the world.

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For the manufacture of the adapter Evo is usedFire-resistant and durable PC94V0, environmentally friendly. This material is heat resistant, but at the same time sufficiently durable and light, the weight of the device is only 50 grams. Ultra-thin universal adapter fits easily in a pocket, bag or backpack.

Ability to work with different standardsOutlets are achieved by retractable contact pins of various shapes. The Evo also has two USB connectors that allow you to charge a pair of mobile devices. Output power 12 W (5V, 2.1A). The useful road accessory is protected from short circuits, overheating and power surges.

The cost of an Evo on Indiegogo is only $ 22.