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The United States has learned to quickly replace batteries in electric vehicles. No more charging?

Some time ago one of the most importantthe downside of electric cars was the long charging time. But now times have changed - with the advent of Supercharger V3 charging stations, even a 5-minute charge of a Tesla Model 3 electric car is enough to cover 120 kilometers. Even so, third-party companies are still looking for ways to speed up battery charging times. Recently, the American company Ample opened several charging platforms in the United States, where in the same 5 minutes a dead battery is completely removed and replaced with a fully charged one. The replacement is done by a special robot that does it quickly and without errors. In fact, the technology is not new and this technology was invented already in 1910. As part of this article, I propose to talk about the idea of ​​Ample and figure out why this technology has no future.

Ample Battery Replacement Platform

Replacing the battery of an electric vehicle

About the service for quick replacement of a dead batterythe charged one is written directly in the official website of the Ample company. The plan is to install small stations in the parking lots where electric cars can enter. After stopping, a special manipulator will drive under the car, which will unscrew the bolts, remove the dead battery and install a charged one instead. Other companies offered the same service at one time, but the technologies they created were compatible only with certain models of electric vehicles. Ample offers a universal option.

Battery replacement process inside the Ample platform

Battery replacement for Tesla and other cars

According to historical documents, about technologyEngineers began to think about replacing car batteries as early as 1910. These were the days of the beginning of the era of the automotive industry and people developed a variety of cars, including electric ones. The old projects were closed because cars with internal combustion engines became the most popular in those days. In the 21st century, electric vehicles have regained popularity and the Israeli company Better Place provided a quick battery change service. In 2012, it opened 21 replacement stations, but then went bankrupt. The main disadvantage of this technology was that it was only compatible with Renault Fluence Z.E. vehicles.

Renault Fluence Z.E electric car

In 2013, the idea of ​​creating stations to replaceeven Tesla caught fire. But then she started to develop fast charging technology and things went uphill. After all, why wait 5 minutes to replace the battery if you can drive up to the charging station, stand the same 5 minutes and drive another 120 kilometers? It is not known how many dollars Ample plans to replace the batteries for, but trivial cable charging should be cheaper.

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The future of electric vehicles

Fast charging technologies today reallyare good and there is practically no need for the service that Ample wants to provide. But it is reported that it has already opened five stations in the California city of San Francisco. But so far, it only cooperates with Uber and is replacing taxi batteries. However, if Ample fails to attract the attention of ordinary people, it can cooperate with delivery services and other similar organizations. After all, their drivers are forced to drive hundreds of kilometers every day and replacing the battery at a special station without queuing is not such a bad option to replenish energy.

Car inside the Ample platform

But there is one more thing.The company is clearly not going to install new batteries in cars every time. First, it will cost fabulous money. Secondly, if you throw away every used battery, in 1-2 years we will drown in hazardous waste. The company will simply insert the removed battery into the car of another client - that's all. And over time, people will get a pig in a poke. After all, can it be that someone will come across a faulty battery? This can happen even with close monitoring.

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In general, the idea seems interesting and this is evenit's good that companies are constantly looking for ways to make electric cars better. But this particular option seems completely devoid of prospects. And what do you think? Write in the comments or our Telegram chat.