The Trombia electric autonomous sweeper takes to the streets of Finland (2 photos + video)

The streets of Finnish cities may soonoccupy cleaning robots from Trombia Technologies. The first real-world tests of the Trombia were carried out last year on the Helsinki-Baana cycle track. The company is currently testing mechanical wipers in various urban environments and under various loads.

The overall dimensions of Trombia are small enoughbut at the same time they allow mechanical brooms to grasp the width of the cleaned surface up to 2 meters. Machine dimensions: length - 3.53 meters, width - 2.3 meters (in the future it will be increased to 3 meters) and height - 1.5 meters. Trombia weighs 2.6 tons with an empty waste bin and a waste bin has a volume of 1.8 cubic meters.

Electric wiper controlis based on machine vision and LIDAR sensor. The tests are carried out both during the day and at night. Trombia's versatile street cleaner is rainproof and can work in any weather. The working speed of street cleaning, depending on the pollution, is from 2 to 6 km per hour with a maximum speed of the machine not exceeding 10 km / h.

Trombia requires 6 to 10 power to operatekW, while diesel urban "vacuum cleaners" use power from 70 to 130 kW. Autonomous operation of the electric window is provided by a single battery with a capacity of 45 kWh or a twin battery - 90 kWh. The amount of energy is sufficient for a standard cleaning mode for 8.5 - 17 hours or for continuous intensive cleaning of streets for 4 - 8 hours.

The Trombia Free 2021 pilot program is dedicated toexploring the possibility of using autonomous wipers in a smart city project, cleaning in seaports, airports, and parking lots. The sale of the first production Trombia cars will start in 2022, following pre-sales preparation in 2021 in the Norwegian and German markets.

Source: trombia