The total number of new models of iPhone 14 smartphones sold in Russia decreased by 4 times compared to last year

According to the oneFactor secure data monetization platform, in the first month of sales of iPhone 14 smartphones in Russia

total number of new models soldof smartphones decreased in comparison with the first month of sales last year by 4 times. According to oneFactor, last year, over 220,000 iPhone 13 smartphones were sold between September 24 and October 21, this year, 53,000 iPhone 14 smartphones were sold in Russia between September 16 and October 12. These figures are obtained by analysis of aggregated data on the load on the networks of mobile operators. According to Tele2, smartphones of the new iPhone line were sold 3.5 times less this year than a year earlier. The MTS company estimates such sales as decreased by 2.5 times compared to the start of sales last year. The average age of buyers of older iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models is estimated at 37 years. The overall decline was influenced by the psychological pressure on consumers and the contraction of the market with limited import supplies.