The "Third Eye" was created, which finally transforms a person into "phono sapiens" (2 photos + video)

Smartphones have revolutionized livesa person, and in the near future will affect his physical data. Evolution will continue along the path of human transformation into "phono sapiens" with a characteristic "turtle neck" and little fingers curved to support the gadget.

A satirical view of the current stage of human development was presented by a student at the Royal College of Art in London, Minvuk Paeng.

In the diploma work in the specialty"Innovative design" the student presented a robotic "Third Eye" that allows a person to safely walk the streets, without interrupting the viewing of notifications, Instagram or computer games on a smartphone. Now little things from real life will not prevent the user from fully immersing himself in virtual events.

Paeng believes that his invention will be the firstproduct in a series of gadgets that finally transform a person into "phono sapiens". The device consists of a translucent plastic body that attaches directly to the forehead using a thin gel pad.

Inside the "Third Eye" is a speaker andgyroscope. When you tilt your head over the screen of your smartphone, the plastic eye opens and the sonar sensor begins to view the surrounding area. An ultrasonic distance sensor (sonar), similar in appearance to a human pupil, estimates the distance to an obstacle, and the device issues a warning signal when the distance is reduced to less than a meter. The control of the "Third Eye" is carried out on the basis of the Arduino microcontroller.

Source: dezeen