The theoretical physicist Michio Kaku told when humanity proves the “theory of everything”

One of the most fundamental tasks of modernPhysics is the search for the so-called "theory of everything" - a unified physico-mathematical model that describes all known fundamental interactions. Initially, this term was used in an ironic vein to denote a variety of generalized theories. Over time, the term entrenched in the popularizations of quantum physics to denote a theory that would unite all four fundamental interactions in nature (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak).

During the twentieth century it was suggestedmany “theories of everything”, but none of them could pass an experimental test, or there are significant difficulties in organizing an experimental test for some of the candidates. However, according to a specialist in theoretical physics, the famous popularizer of science, as well as the author of numerous popular science books and publications, Mitio Kaku, mankind will be able to derive a "theory of everything" by 2100, that is, in just a few decades.

This week Kaku attended the eventon the Reddit portal, where he invited his regulars to ask him any questions they are interested in. One of the commentators asked what, according to Kaku, the discovery of mankind could be made in the next generations. The physicist replied as follows:

"I think that already in this century (not necessarily with our life with you) the theory of everything will be proved."

By the way, this is not the only predictionfamous popularizer of science regarding the discoveries that await us in the 21st century. Read more about this in one of our previous articles. Returning to the topic of questions on Reddit, according to Kaku, in the coming decades, we also expect neurocomputer interfaces to appear, allowing us to establish a connection between the human brain and the Internet directly, humanity will send a spacecraft to the star, dig for the aging genes, and also detect signals from alien civilization.
If his predictions are correct, then the future of humanity expects a very interesting.

The theoretical physicist also shared his thoughts onabout the hypothesis of the Universe simulation that is now widely known - the philosophical proposition that the whole reality around is a computer simulation created by some super-advanced civilization.

According to Kaku, no digital computer will be capable of this. Since this will require the unimaginable power of the calculations of the movement of every single molecule of the Universe.

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