The TentTube inflatable tent is set up in 1 minute (8 photos + video)

On Kickstarter crowdfunding platformthe developers presented a practical TentTube shawl with an inflatable frame, which is installed without complicated straightening and stretching. It is enough to connect the portable pump from the kit and pump the required volume of air. The process will take only 1 minute.

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On the frame went patented flexible pipes. Thanks to them, the size of the tent when folded and its weight is significantly small in comparison with traditional solutions. It is half the size of the classic TentTube counterparts. You can transport a novelty even in a small bag. At the same time, as the authors of the project assure, the novelty is even safer and more stable than classical analogs. All pipe connections in the areas of bends are coupled. The tent is pressed to the ground with special pegs supplied with it.

Dimensions of new items are 2.25 x 1.58 x 1.58 meters, it accommodates 2-3 people. Cloth at TentTube protects the "guests" from moisture and wind, raging outside. In the tent there are special pockets to fold small items. On the cord placed in the center, you can hang an independent light fixture. Special valves installed on the frame pipes make it possible to remove the structure as easily as it is installed. Both processes will take a minimum of time.

TentTube with a bag and a pump can now be ordered for $ 249.