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The temperature in Antarctica rose to a record

Since school times, we all know thatAntarctica is a continent located in the very south of our planet. It is very different from all other points on our planet, because at least it has the lowest air temperature. It is also known that the climate of Antarctica is characterized by high humidity, strong windiness and a high level of solar radiation. Since at the moment the air temperature of our planet is gradually increasing, even on the coldest continent it can be very warm at times. Recently, the temperature in Antarctica has risen so much that you could walk on it in a light autumn jacket.

Perhaps someday Antarctica will melt

The new temperature record was reported by the Worldmeteorological organization (WMO). If you believe the performance of the Argentinean research station Esperanza, February 6, 2020, the air in Antarctica warmed to as much as 18.3 degrees Celsius. This became known thanks to the sensors installed at the station, which also help scientists carry out scientific work in the field of glaciology, oceanography, biology, geology and other scientific fields.

The highest temperature in Antarctica

The previous temperature record on the coldestthe continent was recorded on March 24, 2015. Then the thermometers of the aforementioned Argentine station rose to 17.5 degrees Celsius. Although many people think that Antarctica is a very cold place, in fact, the average temperature in its coastal areas is -10 degrees Celsius. As you can see, in permafrost, the weather is about the same as in snowy Russia. The only difference is in higher humidity and frequent winds, which can affect how a person feels the temperature.

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Be that as it may, meteorologists consider a newtemperature record abnormal. According to Mauricio Nikolaas Laurisi, who is the captain of the base of Marambio, in February, the air temperature on the continent is rarely rarely reach positive indicators. In recent years, record increases in air temperature are observed more often and are accompanied by rains, which can hardly be called a good trend.

This is how the Antarctic Esperanza station looks like

Scientists say that the climate in Antarctica is changingmuch faster than in other continents. Such dramatic climatic changes can lead not only to the melting of glaciers and the rise in sea level, but also to harm the health of the animals living on the continent. Currently, scientists know that about 70 species of living creatures live in Antarctica, among which there are at least four species of penguins, as well as seals and penguins.

Over the past 50 years, temperatures there have increased by almost 3 degrees Celsius, ”said Claire Nullis, spokeswoman for the World Meteorological Organization.

Lowest temperature in Antarctica

The most severe frost in the snowy continent, inin turn, was recorded by meteorologists in 1983. Then the air temperature dropped to the unthinkable −89 degrees Celsius and this figure is more acceptable on this continent.

Generally about climate change, whichoccur on the most remote continents of our planet, you can see in the documentary series "BBC: The Frozen Planet". It shows how killer whales, seals, penguins and other animals adapt to new conditions. It is in this film that it is most clearly seen that life in Antarctica does not just exist, but flourishes.