The table on solar batteries will charge several devices at the same time (8 photos + video)

Modern engineers strive to simplifytechnology of wireless charging, make the process of charging mobile gadgets simple and comfortable. The company Proton New Energy Future from Spain proposed an original design of the Ebörd charger, made in the form of an ordinary table and not requiring connection to the electrical network.

The table has enough space to chargemultiple devices from smartphone and tablet to smart watches and headphones that support technology based on the Qi charging platform. A large area of ​​the charger is provided with over 50 coils mounted into the surface.

Ebörd itself receives energy through solarpanels built into the table cover. Moreover, the developers assure that the product transforms into electricity not only sunlight, but also room lighting. The energy received from the thin-film photovoltaic surface is accumulated in a battery with a capacity of 10 Ah. At the same time, the efficiency of the original panel based on the protein of marine bacteria is 60% and can produce electricity at low illumination.

The table is made in the style of Ikea furniture, and durablethe covering will allow to use it as a traditional piece of furniture. The price of the base model is $ 450, and the top tables with built-in LED lighting or acoustics will cost $ 690.