The swollen iPhone battery exploded right in the hands of the master

Experts constantly say that it is dangerousdeal with damaged lithium-ion batteries. However, many consistently make the same mistakes. In the network, a story is “walking” in which a guy repairs an iPhone with a bloated battery, and that one explodes in his hands.

Initially, the video posted user Reddit. He noted that the battery was replaced by his colleague, the owner of the smartphone. He believed that the device is not quite normal. While the iPhone was charging, and its battery was inflated, the hapless master wanted to disassemble the phone and see what was going on there.

As a rule, the swelling of the battery clearly indicates a malfunction. According to experts, a swollen lithium-ion battery can ignite and even explode. You need to be especially careful with him.

iPhones are designed to be as safe as possible, they almost never catch on fire spontaneously. Therefore, the hero of the plot believes that the gadget being repaired by him was immediately defective.

It is important to know that stomping feet on the firethe battery is not worth it. Lithium-ion batteries are burning at temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. So, it is possible to damage the leg of the battery while extinguishing.

Source: Reddit