The successor to the Vivo Nex inherited his camera: the official video of the new Apex-smartphone was published

The company Vivo on the eve of the official announcement of its new smartphone has published a promotional video dedicated to it.

They, of course, know better, but as for me - they got excited. Now everyone understands where the front camera is going, and there will be no surprise. Although what a surprise it would be - because the retractable module was borrowed from the Vivo NEX ...

There is, however, a feeling that the movie toldmore, and it contains not so obvious, but quite readable hint on the name of the smartphone. Vivo Apex, we recall, the name of the concept, and it appeared even before the Vivo NEX. It’s not at all true that the next smartphone in the family that comes from this concept will receive the name Apex. It is even somehow illogical.

Much more it seems that the device will be released under the name Next. Vivo next. Simple and easy to understand.

The announcement will take place tomorrow, January 24th - then it will all become clear.

Tatyana Kobelskaya