The study included mobile applications of the Big Four and virtual operators

Roskachestvo Digital Expertise Center checkedThe most popular mobile applications of mobile operators in the Russian segment of Google Play and App Store are 18 applications (9 for iOS and 9 for Android) that allow you to manage tariffs and services. Many of these applications have over 10 million downloads and tens of millions of users use them daily. Popular mobile applications were examined by criteria such as functionality, security, usability, performance and reliability, as well as information content and reliability of information about applications in online stores.

All tested applications arehigh-quality, which means they support the desired set of functions, meet the basic requirements of convenience and security. The Mobile Operators category has a record number of applications that have exceeded 4.0

point - 16 out of 18. I didn’t reach the mark “good” “My Danycom” (iOS: 3.93; Android: 3.96), due to the fact that he does not have the ability to draw up a SIM card through the application, and there is no link to the documentation, moreover for both platforms.

The study was conducted in accordance with the methodology.tests, based on the preliminary national standard for comparative tests (PNST) of mobile applications PNST 277-2018, developed by Roskachestvo in conjunction with the expert community in the framework of meetings of TC No. 702.

Experts at the Digital Expertise Centerchecked the quality of mobile programs, issuing for research on the SIM card of each of the 9 studied operators. Actual package non-unlimited tariffs for individuals were selected, including Internet traffic, SMS and calls. Read more about how to choose the right tariff, we told in the material of Roskachestvo.

Assessing the functionality of mobile applications,experts paid special attention to the ability of applications to manage the tariff plan, namely, changing the tariff plan or adjusting it for yourself. The maximum score (5 out of 5) was received by all studied applications on both platforms, with the exception of the My Danycom application (4 out of 5), since the application does not contain links to a detailed description of the conditions of the selected tariff. All mobile applications received the highest possible points according to the criteria of “mobile communication option” and “account information”. The functions “expense statistics” and “replenishment history” are not available to users of the Yota mobile application on both platforms, therefore, according to these two criteria, the application has 0 points.

The most functional applications were: My MTS (5.0 - for iOS and Android), Tinkoff Mobile and My Rostelecom (5.0 - for iOS). Also in the lead are My Beeline, My Tele2 (4.89 for iOS and Android), MegaFon My Account (4.89 for iOS) and My Rostelecom (4.89 for Android) .

Simplicity and quality of navigation, help inapplication, a demonstration of the status bar of the device and the use of standard gestures - all these are parameters of ease of use. "Is it easy to" understand "the application immediately after launch? How many clicks do you need to make in order to execute key program scenarios? ”, Experts from the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo answered these and other questions. The leaders in convenience on iOS were SberMobile (4.58 out of 5) and Tinkoff Mobile (4.51 out of 5), and on Android, Tinkoff Mobile and SberMobile got the highest score (4.79 out of 5) ”, Followed by“ My Tele2 ”(4.75 points out of 5). The most adapted applications for people with disabilities, Roskachestvo considers SberMobile and MegaFon My Account for Android - they support the functions of VoiceOver and Talkback screen readers, as well as a dynamic font.

We would not call investigated mobilequality applications if they weren’t safe. The applications successfully passed the security check, demonstrating the absence of malicious programs and excessive requested permissions, the safe transfer and storage of data, as well as the availability of legal documentation.

According to the test results, it was determined thatNone of the investigated applications contain malware, and the transfer of personal and payment data for each of the programs is encrypted. Using a specialized program (Wireshark), the experts captured all the traffic that the application under investigation sends, and then analyzed it for the presence of both unencrypted content and unencrypted personal data. Roskachestvo established that in the applications of the studied mobile operators, all data is transmitted only through encrypted channels.

In general, for security, all applicationsfairly high scores (not lower than 4.05). Of the shortcomings - the Tinkoff Mobile application does not fully explain to the user why a part of the requested permissions is needed, for which the application received 4.5 points out of 5 by the criterion of “requesting only the necessary permissions”. Slightly less points than the rest , received the application "My Danycom", because at the time of verification it did not contain a link to the legal documentation.

In addition to functionality, ease of use andSecurity experts of Roskachestvo evaluated the performance and reliability of mobile applications. The following were determined: stability and correct operation, correct display of interface elements, occupied memory size and resistance to external interruptions. The maximum performance score on iOS was received by the “My Tele2” application (4.82 out of 5); on Android, the applications “My Tele2” and “Mobile operator for Android” (Yota) share first place. Roskachestvo experts noted that all evaluated applications work correctly and stably.

According to a study of the appendix of seven ofNine mobile operators scored more than 4.5 points and were found to meet the increased requirements for the quality of mobile software in this category. Among them are the Big Four applications (Beeline, Megafon, MTS and Tele2) and the applications of the virtual operators Tinkoff Mobile, SberMobile and Rostelecom.

According to the consulting agency AdvancedCommunications & Media (for 2018), the shares of the main players in the mobile communications market are close: 31% for MTS and from 29% to 17% for MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2. The Roskachestvo study showed that the quality of the Big Four mobile applications is about the same. It’s worth installing the mobile application of your operator at least in order to check if you have additional services connected, for example, a “beep”, line retention, news and more.

Head of TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov recommends timefrom time to time, not only check additional services, but also monitor the status of the account in the application’s personal account, the number of incoming and outgoing minutes, as well as Internet traffic: “This is necessary so that the user does not need to suddenly buy traffic or minutes of conversation. Unfortunately, about 90% of users do not view the terms of the contract with the operator at all and sign it without looking. As a result, you have to buy up minutes or gigabytes, and in rare cases, you can generally be left without a connection. That is why it is necessary to regularly monitor the flow of traffic and minutes in the personal account of the mobile application.

“Roskachestvo once again stands for the consciousconsumption, and therefore we strongly recommend that all users responsibly choose their carrier and download a mobile application to control their package of communication services and traffic. As the research of Roskachestvo showed, all mobile applications of the selected operators are high-quality and safe, ”concluded Ilya Loyevsky, deputy head of Roskachestvo.

Source: Roskachestvo