The state supported Yandex, VK and Ozon in the face of Eurobond holders

The government provided Yandex, VK and Ozon with a soft loan for a total of 130 billion rubles, the funds of which

will be spent on fulfilling the obligations of companies toholders of their Eurobonds, according to Kommersant, citing the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation. Current payments to investors in the usual mode would not require any state support. But after the delisting of the shares of these Russian companies from foreign exchanges at the beginning of the Russian military operations in Ukraine, bondholders had the right to demand the redemption of all issues. And this would require a total of about $ 2.4 billion at the moment. Analysts, with whom the authors of the publication spoke, call direct state support for private bond issuers an unprecedented but understandable measure, since Yandex, VK and Ozon have a high systemic significance for the Russian economy .