The State Duma rejected an amendment to ban LGBT propaganda and violence in video games

The State Duma at a plenary session rejected an amendment banning LGBT propaganda, pornography, violence and

violence in video games, but Douma has already begunto the development of a separate bill, RIA Novosti reports. Earlier, the first deputy head of the State Duma Committee on Education, Yana Lantratova (“A Just Russia – For Truth”), prepared an amendment to the bill against LGBT propaganda, the amendment proposes a ban on the distribution of video games with propaganda of cruelty and violence and appropriate fines for this.

Under the prohibition of distribution, it was proposed to includethose game materials that promote cruelty, violence, pornography and contain profanity. The amendment also provides for a ban on LGBT propaganda in computer games and insulting state symbols. Lantratova told the news agency that a separate bill to regulate the video game industry, including a ban on LGBT propaganda, cruelty and violence in computer games, is planned to be drafted before the end of the year.