The State Duma clarified the definition of spy gadgets (4 photos)

Deputies of the State Duma introduced into the Code ofadministrative offenses and amendments to the Criminal Code, explaining exactly which devices are considered to be spyware in our country. Quite a lot of gadgets were excluded from the list, for the acquisition and use of which previously could go to prison for up to 4 years.

The corresponding note has already been added to the article.Of the Criminal Code on the illegal circulation of "special technical equipment intended for secretly obtaining information." Now it is customary to refer to them: “devices, systems, complexes, devices, special tools for penetrating rooms and (or) to other objects and software for electronic computers and other electronic devices for accessing information”. Such gadgets make it possible to collect data constituting a family, personal, commercial or other legally protected secret, without notifying their owner.

Illegal ceased to be "free circulation devices, systems, complexes, devices, household tools, with functions of audio recording, video recording, photofixation and (or) geolocation, with openly located controls on them ”. These gadgets include GPS beacons that help in finding pets, glasses and other devices that have a video camera built into it.

History in the Kurgan region with a criminalthe persecution of a local resident Yevgeny Vasilyev became a precedent for amending legislation. At the end of 2017, the farmer made an order in the online store for a GPS tracker. He wanted to track the cow, constantly fighting off the herd. The device was then considered illegal. The President of the Russian Federation was asked to understand the situation. In March last year, investigators closed the case.