The sound projector recognizes in the crowd the person to whom the message should be transmitted.

A new sound projector that can highlightfrom the crowd of the right person and transmit him an audio message, was created by researchers from the University of Sussex. The novelty was presented at the International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Technologies in Los Angeles.

The main component of the device isinexpensive webcam with face recognition and acoustic projector. It calculates the distance to a person and directs a wave in his direction, which is a moving sound sphere with a diameter of about 6 cm.

The authors of the development initially decided to createproduct at a low cost. The price of the camera is $ 12, and the acoustic lenses for the projector can cost $ 100 if you print them on a 3D printer. A standard tracking system is ten times more expensive.

With such a sound projector, you can maintain privacy when transmitting personalized messages to a specific person from the crowd. In addition, with its help you can create exciting special effects.

For the system to function, researchers warn, user consent is required, so intrusive advertising is excluded in its menu.

Developers continue to work on improving the system; their plans are to “teach” her to convey whole sentences and musical works.

Source: techxplore