The solar magnetic field can be 10 times stronger than previously thought.

The sun is so far from Earth thatits light needs as much as eight minutes to reach the surface of our planet. Despite the distance, its magnetic field has a huge impact on our world. For example, a strong electromagnetic pulse can cause off the light on the whole continent, so scientists are extremely important to know the power of the magnetic field. Unfortunately, they have not yet managed to obtain accurate data, but researchers from Queen’s University in Belfast claim that they did it.

Get accurate magnetic field measurements from scientistsEarth's atmosphere interfered - it weakens the field lines of force, so its power can be much larger than previously thought. The researchers claim that they obtained accurate data due to the good flow of circumstances - they turned their telescope into the region of the surface of the Sun, which is considered to be the most volatile.

We have very few measurements of strength andspatial characteristics of the solar magnetic field. This is a bit like trying to study the Earth’s climate, not being able to measure its temperature in various geographic points.

David Kuridze, Researcher, Aberystwyth University

During the ten-day observation, theyrecorded a powerful flash - an analysis of its structure showed that the strength of the solar magnetic field is 10 times greater than previously thought. If this is true, then the discovery really means a lot. The magnetic field of the sun determines the boundaries of the solar system and protects us from cosmic rays. It also directly affects the Earth’s climate, forms the northern lights, and by its changes it can change the indicators of compasses and GPS systems.

Discoveries concerning the magnetic field of planetsare still being done. In September 2018, the Yunona apparatus discovered new features of Jupiter’s magnetic field. It turned out that it has a much more complex structure - you can read about it in our material.

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