The share of laptops with processors based on ARM architecture will reach 25% over the next five years

According to forecasts by the research company Counterpoint, the share of laptops equipped with processors based on ARM architecture will

will consistently grow and reach withinthe next five years, 25% of total laptop sales. In 2022, the laptop market declined by 15%, the decline may continue this year, while the demand for laptops based on ARM architecture is growing at a faster pace than the market. This segment owes such success to the sales of the MacBook line of notebooks. The share of Apple laptops in total sales of laptops with ARM processors is 90%. Last year, the total share of notebooks based on ARM processors accounted for 13% of total notebook sales. At the moment, Intel is the leading manufacturer of laptop processors, it owns almost 70% of this market, but in the future its share will decline and may decrease by more than 10% by 2027 due to the success of processors based on the ARM architecture.