The secondary market is the main electronics market in the country. Who is the winner?

For more than three months we have been living in a new normal. It is time to sum up the first intermediate results and

assess what the future holds for us.

The surge in sales at the end of February, when people rushed to buy everything, waiting for the store shelves to be empty, gave way to a lull.

The situation in electronics retail is somewhat similar tocar market. If you look into car dealerships, the cars are standing, but the prices are such that even those who quit smoking out of inertia slap their pockets in search of a pack. So, on the Svyaznoy website, the price of Redmi Note 11 4/128 GB at a discount is 23,990 rubles, that is, the fair rate is 104 rubles per euro, according to the retailer's managers. For understanding, this smartphone in Russia should have been sold at a price similar to the Indian market, namely 17-19 thousand rubles (excluding promotions).

At the same time, sellers are sure that the product is stillwill buy. There are practically no new deliveries since March. Gradually, the supply will shrink. Buyers will be forced to purchase smartphones at the specified prices.

Hopes for parallel imports are not yetjustified. Yes, and many questions are still unresolved. One of the main ones: what about the guarantee and who will pay? After all, free maintenance under warranty in service centers is the responsibility of the manufacturing company itself, which assumed the costs incurred by the service center. Accordingly, if we consider the economy, then it is quite possible to expect a price increase of 15-20% only for the service component. At the same time, do not forget that parallel import, which implies the import of equipment without the consent of the manufacturer through third countries, and so means a price increase of 20-30%.

The obvious consequence of what is happening is"gray" import of equipment, as well as growth in sales in the secondary market. About the "gray" sales is not yet clear. Read how the CDEK.Shopping platform got orders for a billion rubles and failed.

Be careful, CDEK.Shopping - a billion rubles for sales that did not happen. Angry shoppers

Let's talk about the CDEK attempt.Shopping to create a platform for the sale of goods - buyers are trying to find their money, the silence of the support service and more than a billion rubles for business from private investors involuntarily.

In the current difficult conditions, rationalthe buyer pays attention to platforms like "Avito". Often, prices are lower there, and the choice is wider, and most importantly, the goods are already in stock, so there is no need to guess whether the European customs will pass or not.

Although it’s more correct to say not “like Avito”, butjust “Avito”, because back in December 2021, according to Similar Web, the platform became the largest in the world and in Russia in the category “E-commerce and shopping”. The company has five verticals - real estate, services, goods, cars and work. For their development there is no need to attract external funds, the company is completely autonomous and profitable.

In recent months, leadership has only strengthened,Thus, according to Avito, the number of transactions increased by 63%. The largest growth is observed in the Auto Parts (+94%) and Lifestyle (+81%) categories. And the daily audience exceeded 22 million people. A huge figure, more typical for social networks and instant messengers (the audience of the same Twitter in Russia is 20.9 million people). At the same time, the uniqueness of the Avito audience is that, unlike social networks, where people go to kill time, they go shopping on Avito. The service says that only 10% of the traffic is those who came "just to look."


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In fact, Avito is the most popular tradingsite in Russia. So, according to the company, Yandex.Market has an average of 6 million people a day, 7 million people visit Wildberries, and Aliexpress Russia has 12.5 million people (as of February 2022).

In principle, with the departure of Western companies "Avito"was in a unique position. Resources and site positioning - not only ads, but also the sale of services - allow you to replace many areas.

So, against the backdrop of an increase in prices in April-May, the growthsales of goods for repairs and building materials at Avito amounted to 22%. According to statistics, people go to Avito for tools, lumber, doors and furniture.

After leaving Booking.com and AirBnb, it's funny, but true: it is Avito that now has the largest base of offers for tourists. On the site you can find apartments, houses and hotel rooms for long-term and short-term rental, excursion programs and outdoor activities throughout Russia.

Another example is automobiles and auto parts.Offers from the secondary market of foreign cars on Avito look more attractive than car dealerships. And this is taking into account a hired auto expert and a service station to check the car. By the way, many companies have already figured out the advantage of Avito by setting up their own branded zones on the site.

At the same time, Avito launches unusual services,which can be beneficial for both private buyers and companies. For example, at the end of May, Avito Auction was launched for used cars. After agreeing to take part, the buyers (car dealers) make bids independently of each other, and the seller chooses the most suitable offer.

For professional buyers, this is great.the opportunity to be the first to buy interesting offers to replenish stocks. And it will now be easier for the seller to sell the car, minimizing the unpleasant aspects of personal communication associated with bargaining.

With the introduction of sanctions in history with secondaryMany retailers are trying to play electronics sales. And operator retail is no exception. So, both MTS and MegaFon sell "refurbished" smartphones. At the moment, this looks strange, since, for example, on the MTS website it is proposed to purchase “as new” (read - used) Redmi Note 10S for 18,390 rubles. The smartphone is guaranteed for 90 days.

For comparison, Avito sells newsealed devices Redmi Note 11S (this is the next generation) for 18 thousand rubles. This is not to say that there is a difficult question here, where a rational buyer will go shopping.

Along the way, there is a high probability that Avito inIn the near future, it will not only become a growth point for the secondary market, but also take first place in new products. Remember those times when yesterday was the start of sales of conditional iPhones in the USA, and today you could buy a smartphone on Avito? It probably will.


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According to the measurements of the site itself, already now 40%ads on Avito are devoted to sales of new products. The site sells the new 2022 iPhone SE, the recently introduced Sony WH-1000XM5 noise-canceling headphones, and the OnePlus 10R with a 150W charging adapter. These products are not yet available on other marketplaces. And on "Avito" they are available. Prices are quite competitive. So, OnePlus 10R is sold for 35,000 rubles. This is more profitable than in India, where the recommended price for a smartphone is 43,000 rupees (before the February events, 1 rupee was estimated at 1 ruble).

Accordingly, compared to the officialretail advantage is on the side of Avito. And for sellers all over Russia, Avito is becoming more interesting than marketplaces. The main advantage is the zero entry threshold and the absence of sales commissions.

Practice shows that even on organictraffic, without buying a promotion, you can assess the demand and sell the goods. By the way, Avito has a Demand Analytics tool with which you can measure which products are popular and which are not, broken down by region, category, etc.

At the same time, the service does not take a commission for sales.So, the seller can pay for Avito if he wants to arrange his virtual store or somehow highlight the ad. Also, sellers pay for the number of ads after the free limit is exhausted.

At the same time, sales can be carried out throughout Russia,since Avito has a delivery system. This, by the way, is a weighty argument that brings to the site not only sellers of used goods, but also small and medium-sized businesses that do not want or are unable to organize effective delivery logistics on their own.

The strength of Avito is that, unlikeretailers and marketplaces where companies sell goods, on Avito there is a direct connection between buyers and sellers. The buyer can ask all questions, find out the origin of the goods and try to negotiate a discount. It's hard to imagine this in online retail. There, sellers will only provide information permitted by managers.

Along the way, sellers on Avito to some extentbear a greater responsibility than in retail. In the salon of technology, the quality of sales can be anything: if the place is passing, then the flow of customers will not dry up. In the case of Avito, the rating system, as well as bans from the administration, have a positive effect on the sales process. Relatively speaking, after reading that the seller is rude or sells fakes, people will stop buying from him. At the same time, you can see on Avito who leaves reviews: the status indicates which product is in question and whether the transaction took place or not.

Sellers such a system, in turn,allows you to interact more closely with the audience and grow a loyal base. At the same time, contact with the buyer on Avito is cheaper than on social networks, since, as I said above, buyers come directly to Avito with a formed request. According to site measurements, 90% of users come to Avito to solve a specific problem, which, in fact, is the final stage of the sales funnel.

Perhaps, in conclusion, I will quote the chief, who analyzed the reasons for the growth in popularity of the secondary market in general and Avito in particular (the entire text can be read here):

Rationality becomes one of the driving forces"Avito", here you can find goods at any price - both very low and when there is a shortage. For example, I bought Galaxy Buds Pro headphones several times through ads on Avito, they were given away for half the cost by those who received them for free along with pre-orders from Samsung. Taking the headphones, I was interested in how long the ad hung, usually the answers were similar - you called one of the first, so you have the headphones. For me, the savings were tangible, there was no point in going to the store, no discount could compete with the cost of such headphones at Avito. And here rationality is fully manifested, since why overpay for something that can be bought cheaper?

Finally, we can say the obvious, but truething: a crisis is primarily a potential opportunity and a time when the former leaders go into the shadows and they are replaced by new companies. Avito is in a winning position, so it's worth taking a closer look at the site.