The same genes are responsible for the development of the brain, immunity and memory.

It was previously believed that in the brain are locatedonly his own immune cells, separated from the rest of the body by the blood-brain barrier. At the same time, brain cells and the immune system develop under the influence of factors unrelated to each other, however, recent studies by scientists from Switzerland have suggested that the genes that determine the structure of the brain are also responsible for the functioning of the immune system and even memory.

2 groups worked on confirming the theoryresearchers from the University of Basel. The first group analyzed the epigenetic profiles of 533 healthy young people. In the course of this, it was revealed which genes were associated with the thickness of the cerebral cortex in the regions responsible for memory. Then these data were extrapolated to 596 other participants, and it turned out that the same genes were also involved in the formation and functioning of the immune system. The second group of specialists studied people who either remembered very well or very poorly the images in the pictures they showed. A study of their genome showed that the TROVE2 gene was responsible for memory in this case. Interestingly, the results obtained by the first group of specialists also revealed the dependence of the studied structures on the TROVE2 gene.

Thus, it was possible to conclude thatthe activity of the same genes can be associated both with the structure of the brain and be responsible for the development of memory and components of the immune system. According to scientists, this may be the key to creating a new type of medication that can help with impaired brain function and diseases associated with impaired memory.