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The safest cities for a quiet life

Every person wants to live in a beautiful city,in which there are all conveniences and there is no crime. Since 2015, specialists from the research company Economist Intelligence Unit have periodically ranked the safest cities in the world. To determine the best places to live, they rank cities on 76 criteria in five categories: digital security, health, infrastructure, environmental health and personal safety. For several years, the rating was headed by the Japanese capital Tokyo. It is believed that it is safe to send children to school on the subway, leave things in crowded places, and so on - nothing bad will happen to them. The rating has already been updated, and other cities have appeared in place of Tokyo. So where do people live best?

Tokyo has long been considered the safest city in the world, but what about others?

Ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit60 different cities from all over the world are represented. Of course, we will not consider all of them - we will manage with the consideration of five leaders. The data is taken from the 2021 report, which is the most recent at the time of writing.


  • 1 Copenhagen
  • 2 Toronto
  • 3 Singapore
  • 4 Sydney
  • 5 Tokyo


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, populationwhich is more than 602 thousand people. He took the top of the rating, gaining 82.4 points out of 100 possible. The safety of Copenhagen is evidenced by numerous reviews of tourists who believe that walking along the streets is as safe as possible. However, at night it is better not to walk around in some areas, especially alone. This is especially true of the Istedgade district, where in the evenings sellers of illegal substances, prostitutes and all kinds of people arousing suspicion appear in the evenings. All this, at least, is written in open sources. In general, this is indeed one of the safest cities in the world with a minimum level of corruption.

According to current data, the safest city in the world is Copenhagen.

Copenhagen area Istedgade


Toronto is the largest city in Canadapopulation exceeds 2.7 million. This place is considered the "economic engine" of the country and has a lot of weight both at the state and international level. A very large part of the jobs are located within the city limits, so it is full of life and the crime rate is very low. Of course, there are areas in which it is better not to look, especially in the evening and at night. To a greater extent, this applies to the Jane and Finch area, which is located on the outskirts of the city. The danger lies in the fact that there is a very high population density and it mainly consists of people with low incomes.

Toronto by day

Interesting fact: the way houses are located in cities directly affects the weight and health of people. Explanation here.


Singapore is multinationalcity-state with more than 5 million people. As a global financial center, it has a very low crime rate. However, it is sometimes very difficult for visitors to get used to local laws. The streets of Singapore are incredibly clean, and this is the result of the adoption of a system of fines for actions that are considered the norm in other countries. For example, smoking in a public place can result in a fine of SGD 1,000. Garbage thrown on the sidewalk is fined $ 500, and if it happens again, they can even be sent under arrest. This is nothing - chewing gum, eating on the street and feeding pets are prohibited in the city.

Beautiful view of Singapore

Singapore has a huge number of prohibition signs


Sydney is Australia's largest cityis home to over 5 million people. The city has a huge number of representatives of various cultures, because mostly immigrants from different parts of the world live there. In fact, it's not entirely clear why the Economist Intelligence Unit gave that city fourth place - there must be some hidden reason behind it. Sydney is relatively safe during the day, but some areas are best avoided at night. Even in the central area of ​​Kings Cross, you can run into dubious people - usually this is due to the fact that there are many nightclubs in such areas.

Australian Sydney

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Yes, the former once in the first place is Japanesethe capital fell as much as the fifth point. With what it is connected, it is not clear. The city is located on the southeastern part of the island of Honshu and accommodates more than 14 million people. As one of the largest cities on the planet, Tokyo has long been considered the safest. And it is difficult to give an explanation for this, because among all these millions of people there are clearly criminals. Most likely, the secret lies in the peculiarities of culture, developed infrastructure and other features.

Tokyo is a very dense but safe city.

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Now you know which cities are considered the mostsafe in the world. Maybe you have your own opinion on this matter? Write in the comments or our secluded corner for communication. Also read other articles on similar topics: "How much do cities weigh and how do they affect the Earth?" or “Is a person able to live underground?”.