The Saab NEVS 9 electric sedan is deployed in place (video)

Protean Electric, known for itsWith wheel drive developments for manufacturers such as Volvo and the Lightning Car, Saab has upgraded its electric sedan called the NEVS 9-3. On the Swiss lake Arjeplug, the unique capabilities of an improved car were demonstrated, including a “tank U-turn” carried out on the spot.

Successful upgrade by ProteanElectric, significantly increased the maneuverability of the base car. For this, each wheel of the electric sedan was equipped with an individual electric motor. Thus, the driver will be able to control each wheel separately and set the desired direction of rotation for each wheel, and thus the car will be able to turn literally in place.

Tank U-Turn function may be needed inextremely rare cases, but the separate regulation of torque for each wheel can be indispensable to ensure a comfortable and safe ride on rough terrain in adverse weather conditions (ice, wet track).

Source: insideevs