The Russian market of TVs was reduced by 17%

The Russian TV market in the first half of the year decreased in unit terms by 17%, to 2.73 million

units.At the same time, it is noted that in monetary terms the market grew by 12.9%, to 94.1 billion rubles. Whereas previously Samsung and LG brands dominated the Russian market by a wide margin, accounting for more than 62% of total unit sales, their positions have now drastically declined and now, according to, do not exceed 35%. Against the backdrop of a decline in sales of Samsung and LG brands, the shares of domestic brands Novex, Dexp, as well as Chinese brands Xiaomi and Haier, increased significantly. Earlier it was reported about the start of exclusive deliveries of Realme TVs in the M.Video-Eldorado network. In general, there is a shift in sales towards more budgetary TV models on the market. It is emphasized that the bulk of TV sets sold in Russia were previously assembled here. Given that the Russian television market has import duties that protect the domestic market, companies from China and other players seeking to increase their share will have to think about setting up production in Russia.