The Russian Defense Ministry presented an absolutely protected Internet

High tech comes first onservice of state bodies, among which the defense department is usually in the first place, ensuring the safety and security of the country. High-speed communications can provide the military a decisive advantage in the conduct of modern combat.

The Russian Ministry of Defense is conducting testTesting of high-speed Internet multiservice transport communication network (MTCC), which can only be used by the military. Data transfer is carried out at a speed of 300 Mb / s, and the information is fully encrypted. The developers declare absolute protection of MTCC from external penetration.

Testing MTSS was carried out in the Centralmilitary district. Large encrypted files were transferred using a local wireless network over a distance of more than 2000 km. More than 1,500 hardware devices, including the Belozer portable satellite communications station P-438-H, the MKS-P and MK 3VKS multifunctional communications complexes took part in the tests. To participate in the tests, 4,500 troops were involved, who participated in the operational deployment of equipment, which was allotted about an hour.

Encryption was performedhigh-speed hardware-software complex of nickel cryptographic protection. Isolation of MTSS from the global Internet makes penetration into the network and stealing information impossible.

The plans of the military include the deployment of the MTSS system throughout the country, for the transfer of large-sized encrypted files between any military units of Russia.

According to experts, currentlyAn experimental system is being tested to test its technical capabilities. The global coverage of Russia with such a communication system requires high material and technological costs.