The Russian company invented the first electric toothbrush with three rotating heads TriBrush (4 photos)

The Russian company invented the first electric toothbrush with three rotating heads TriBrush. She brushes her teeth from three sides at the same time, therefore, does not require compliance with the brushing technique.

According to the developers at the moment itthe only workable brush that can brush your teeth in 1 minute and effortlessly by the user. The TriBrush triple brush head automatically adjusts to the narrow front and wide back teeth, providing an optimal angle of inclination of the bristles. The heads rotate with high amplitude and reduced speed. This allows the brush to penetrate into inaccessible places and clean them, while remaining very comfortable. This configuration of the cleaning heads provides fast and high-quality cleaning without the user's attention to the process.

Over the past 3 years on Kickstarter and Indiegogosuccessfully launched more than 10 unusual toothbrushes. Brushes were particularly in demand, promising unprecedentedly quick brushing without concentration on the process. For example, Amabrush and Unobrush raised more than $ 6.5 million from 44 thousand bakers on both sites. These projects guaranteed brushing of all teeth in 10 and 6 seconds at once.

Around the same time, they started successfullysimilar Y-brushes and uFunbrush, which collected amounts 5 times higher than requested. Despite the large fees, at the moment, none of these brushes are on the market. Amabrush advanced the most, but the first user reviews showed that the product didn’t meet the declared specifications, and later the company went bankrupt, despite
$ 5 million raised (Amabrush toothbrush developer closed).

Even after the failure of Amabrush, people still support their followers (for example, Encompass, which has the same problems as all the mouth guards) - there is so much desire to quickly and efficiently brush your teeth.

Before TriBrush, developers testedmore than 20 concepts, including brushes that can brush all teeth at once. As it turned out, brushing all teeth at once with one mobile device is possible only if it is made to order. The location, size, angle of inclination of the teeth are different, so a standardized mouth guard cannot be suitable for everyone. In addition, considerable power is immediately needed to brush all teeth.

When designing the first brush optionsTriBrush engineers found that to clean all teeth, you immediately need a battery the size of a blender, and made a brush that cleans only one tooth at a time, but from all sides.

How it works:
● 3 rotating heads clean teeth from three sides at the same time - the user does not need to concentrate on the process.
● Special spring mechanism provides optimal pressure and angle of contact of the bristles to the tooth surface
● Thickened tufts of bristles with a special haircut clean hard-to-reach spots, penetrating even into interdental spaces.

The concept has already been evaluated by Russian and Western dentists

Source: Tribrush Press Release