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The RS-24 Yars missile system is the basis of the Russian nuclear triad

Russia is gradually abandoning the Sovietheritage in favor of modern missiles. Not so long ago, we talked about the Sarmat missile, which in the United States has already been nicknamed “Satan 2.0”. It should replace the Soviet Voevoda missile. However, this is not the only modern doomsday rocket. Back in 2009, the RS-24 Yars missile systems began to enter service with the Strategic Missile Forces. This weapon is a modification of the Topol-M missile system. Together with other strategic missile systems, Yars should form the basis of the strategic missile forces, in fact, the basis of Russia's nuclear triad. We offer further to get acquainted with the features and purpose of this weapon.

Strategic package complex "Yars"

Rocket "Yars" - the history of creation

The development of a new missile system, as well asother strategic weapons, was carried out under the veil of state secrets. Therefore, there is not much information about him. As mentioned above, the project was based on the Topol-M complex, which entered the Russian army in 1997. The development was carried out by the cooperation of enterprises, headed by the Moscow Institute of Thermal Engineering. Yury Solomonov was appointed chief designer.

One of the tasks assigned tothe complex is to increase the effectiveness of the grouping of the Strategic Missile Forces in terms of overcoming modern missile defense systems. When work on the project began and for how long it was carried out, there is no exact information. However, it is known that the first test launch of the RS-24 was made in 2007.

The Topol-M complex, which was taken as the basis for the creation of the Yars ICBM

There is also no information about the timing of state tests.reliable data. According to some sources, they were completed in 2009, according to others - in 2010. But the first missile system entered service in 2009.

I must say that when the Yars complex becameknown to the general public, many have a question - what does this strange name mean? It actually stands for "Nuclear Deterrent Missile".

"Yars" ballistic missile - characteristics and features

Complexes "Yars" exist of two types -mobile and mine-based. Each type has its own advantages. For example, silo-based complexes are better protected from being hit by cruise missiles. The missiles are located deep in the mines and are protected by reinforced concrete caps (hatches). Mobile systems, on the other hand, deploy faster, in addition, due to mobility, it is more difficult for the enemy to determine their location, especially in a wooded area.

Intercontinental ballistic missile "Yars" is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 11 thousand km

Regardless of the type of complex, the RS-24 missiledesigned to hit strategic targets at a distance of up to 11,000 km. It has a multiple reentry vehicle with four individually targetable warheads. The power of each block, according to some sources, is from 50 to 500 kilotons. the ICBM itself consists of three stages with solid propellant engines.

The missile is 21.9 meters long and weighs 46.5 tons.The error when hit does not exceed 150 meters. According to some reports, a solid-propellant rocket is much lighter than liquid-propellant counterparts, which is its main advantage. But, it should be borne in mind that all the characteristics are conjectural, since there is no official data on the rocket.

What are the advantages of the Yars rocket

According to the general designer of the project,Yuri Solomonov, this ICBM meets the most stringent and advanced requirements. Due to the fact that these missiles have taken up combat duty, the Strategic Missile Forces have taken a significant lead in comparison with the United States.

It looks like the complex "Yars" mine-based

At the same time, the main advantage of Yars is the constructorcalled a short active phase of the flight. This makes it much more difficult to shoot down a rocket. In addition, in his opinion, the combat equipment has much higher performance than its predecessor.

Many military experts agree with him.During the development of Yars, the designers managed to significantly improve the Topol-M, in particular, they were able to increase the reliability, service life, security level and accuracy of the rocket. the latter is provided by the management system developed by NPO AP. It is inertial with a radio correction circuit based on the GLONASS navigation system. In addition, it contains a number of other high-precision modern equipment.

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The missile of the mobile complex is equipped with a systemrecalculation of the flight task. Due to this, the launch of the missile can be carried out from any point of the combat duty route. To increase the security of the mobile complex, it includes a false division, which consists of inflatable complexes and engine simulators. That is, it is difficult for the enemy to determine where the false target is and where the real complex is.

To date, according to someThe Strategic Missile Forces are armed with more than 150 mobile and silo-based complexes. Finally, we recall that in the near future the Zircon hypersonic missile will also enter the army. You can learn more about its features and benefits here.