The robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock will pleasantly surprise any hostess (4 photos)

Chinese company Xiaomi prepared for releaseThe new model of the robot vacuum cleaner called the Roborock Sweep T6. A newbie is more powerful, more autonomous and 50% quieter than his predecessors. Helped to reduce the noise level at the same suction power (2000 Pa) upgraded motor. And thanks to the updated navigation system, the robot will be able to better navigate in space. But this innovation does not end there.

It became possible to save in the device memorymaps of different rooms on different floors thanks to the implemented Map Management 3.0 laser mapping system. In the mobile application is determined by the room that should be removed. You can even draw a virtual border in the room, for which the vacuum cleaner cannot enter. It is also possible to schedule a cleaning. Exactly at the appointed time, the Roborock Sweep T6 will go to a predetermined area. You can track its operation remotely in a special mobile application.

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Advanced navigation systemfacilitates orientation in narrow spaces, and also makes the mapping of rooms more accurate. The device also has a new removable brush designed for cleaning sticking threads, animal hair / hair and other debris.

In the wet cleaning mode there is a new option.setting the desired intensity of wetting special sponge. For example, in daily cleaning you can moderately use water. And if you identify stubborn stains on the floor, the fluid flow will be increased. The robot at the same time will try to wipe off all traces. Fastened with velcro sponge. They promise that it will be easy to change them. A total of 10 pieces in the kit.

Updated at the robot vacuum cleaner and wheels. Now Roborock Sweep T6 is able to overcome obstacles up to 2 centimeters high. Vacuum cleaner can work autonomously for 2.5 hours. After that, it automatically returns to the base for charging.

In China, Xiaomi Roborock Sweep T6 will costfor buyers at 2,799 yuan (about $ 417) when ordering through the company's crowdfunding platform. The device will be shipped from April 4th. In the same month, the newcomer should appear in the AliExpress online store.