The robot Stan parks cars better than a man (7 photos + video)

Park in the parking lot of any majorairport is difficult: the area is large, a lot of cars Stan should help in this. This parking robot is designed by Stanley Robotics. He was successfully tested at the airports of Lyon and Paris, and now he will start work at London Gatwick Airport.

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Leaving the car in a special box, the driverregistered in the system and goes about his business. The car passes into the disposal of the robot, which delivers it to a remote safe place, where there are quite a lot of tight cars and it is extremely difficult for a person to cope with the task. The driver gets a car on his return.

Stan is a wheeled platform with a palletunder the car and grabs lifting transport for the wheels. The robot is completely autonomous. It is oriented in space with the help of lidar. Testing of the robot in Gatwick will begin in August with real machines, it is this month that most vacationers. The robot will be provided with a plot of 170 parking spaces, where he will have to place 270 cars.