The rivers on Mars were much wider and more powerful than on Earth.

After studying numerous photos scientistsfirmly believe that water has played a huge role in the history of Mars. Indeed, the surface of the Red Planet is literally outlined by waterways, and researchers from the University of Chicago are confident that the rivers on it were much wider, and the water flowed with much more power than on Earth. At the same time, scientists are wondering how this could happen - the current view of ancient Mars does not imply conditions for a rapid flow of water along its surface.

Scientists believe that even in ancient times,Mars was a very weak atmosphere, so the planet could not provide the proper greenhouse effect for the formation of powerful streams of water. Also at that time the sun was much weaker - the brightness was only 25-30% of the current figure. Consequently, researchers are accustomed to find that Mars has long been a relatively dry place with cold and sometimes icy water.

The assumption that the Red Planet flowedwide and powerful rivers, it was advanced after studying 200 channels of drained rivers. This is evidenced by many factors, such as the width of waterways, the steepness of the ravines and the size of the pieces of gravel that once lay under flowing rivers.

Of course, the new discovery opens another newfact about ancient Mars, but also raises new questions. The main one - what climate reigned on the planet billions of years ago, so that water could flow with such great force? Scientists have no answer yet, because their understanding of the past of Mars does not correspond to a new discovery.

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