The Revelo Thinstem mechanism will facilitate the storage of bicycles of any design (5 photos + video)

Bicycles firmly entered the life of modernperson. However, their full use in urban conditions is hindered by the inconvenience of storing bicycles in apartments, offices and public institutions. The design features of the steering wheel create problems for cyclists when parking a vehicle in a limited area. The steering wheel and pedals significantly extend beyond the limits of a flat bike. An obvious but original solution proposed by the developers from the Revelo Thinstem startup will help eliminate this obstacle.

Traditional steering can be donemuch more compact when making small changes using the Revelo Thinstem engine. As a result, the steering wheel can be rotated 90 degrees without rotating the front wheel. In this case, the steering will be located in the same plane with the entire structure of the bike, and will not interfere with storage, parking or movement in cramped spaces. The startup also offers folding or removable pedals.

The cost of the Revelo Thinstem mechanism variesfrom 70 to 90 dollars and depends on the size of the custom bike. The mechanism mount can be selected for rudders with a rack diameter of 1 or 1.25 inches, and the length of the extension of the mechanism ranges from 70 to 90 mm. There are also adapters for custom bikes.

Installation process on a standard bikeRevelo Thinstem devices take no more than 5 minutes with ordinary bicycle keys. To transfer the steering to the stowed position and vice versa, you only need to remove the lock, turn the steering wheel 90 degrees and lock the lock.

As a result, when using Revelo Thinstemfor the Juiced CCX model, the bike width was reduced from 68.6 cm to 40 cm. And the use of folding pedals from Revelo led to a further “narrowing” of the bike plane to 30 cm.

It should be noted that not all bicycle modelssuch a solution will do. For example, for bikes with a basket mounted on the steering wheel, this option is not suitable, since a gain from turning the steering wheel will not significantly reduce the width of the space needed to store vehicles. Also, the possibility of adjusting the bar is reduced, in the case when the bicycle is provided such an opportunity.

Nevertheless, such a device will greatly simplify the life of the cyclist in the city, and will make the bicycle more convenient for storage in small rooms.

Source: revelo