The reusable secret shuttle Boeing X-37B completed a record flight

U.S. Space Shuttle Secret MissionHeld in conjunction with Boeing successfully completed, and the ship landed, completing all tasks. During the flight, the X-37B set another record for being in space, three times exceeding the flight time originally planned.

Shuttle X-37B has made its fifth flight into space and inthis time, it stayed in orbit for 780 days, exceeding the previous time, which was 717 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes. In accordance with the initial flight plan, the ship was supposed to complete a flight lasting only 240 days.

According to the statement of the representative of the US Air Forcethe shuttle completed all the tasks. The content of the mission is strictly classified and the content of the tasks is reported only in general terms. In particular, it became known that the ship was engaged in the deployment of small satellites. Information also appeared that during the flight a temperature distributor was tested, which checks experimental electronic devices and a tube cooling system. There is also a version that during the flight tests were conducted of the Holov type plasma engine using low thrust.

The sixth flight of the X-37B is already scheduled for 2020, and launch will be carried out from Cape Canaveral.

Source: engadget