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The remains of the largest dinosaur in history are found in Russia

In one of our previous articles, we mentionedthat in Russia it is almost impossible to find the remains of dinosaurs. This is true, but there are rare exceptions - recently the teeth of huge dinosaurs were found on the territory of the Republic of Yakutia. According to a group of scientists from Russia and Germany who discovered the remains, the bones belong to the so-called sauropods, which can be recognized by their long neck. The discovery is not only remarkable for what has been done in our country, but also for the location of the remains - dinosaur bones have never been found in such a northern region.

Zavropods can be recognized by their long neck

According to the scientific journal Lethaia, adult teethand young dinosaurs were discovered in an area called Teete, which is located in the south-west of Yakutia. Previously, paleontologists studying the fossilized fossils of ancient animals already knew about the life of sauropods in these parts. However, they thought that dinosaurs visited these territories only in favorable times of the year and left immediately after the onset of cold weather. However, the presence among the remains of the teeth of cubs suggests that giant creatures could live and breed in Yakutia constantly.

The biggest dinosaurs in history

According to researchers, problems with survivalthere were practically no dinosaurs in the now cold region of our country. The fact is that during the so-called Mesozoic millions of years ago, the difference between tropical and polar climates was not so big as today. Then the location of the continents was completely different and the ocean currents without any problems transferred heat from the equator to the poles. Due to this, weather conditions were very comfortable for life throughout our planet.

Skeleton of a sauropod at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History

According to scientists, in the time of the sauropods onterritory of modern Yakutia, the average temperature ranged from zero to 14 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is not surprising that traces of the life of stegosaurs were also previously discovered in the Teete area. You probably saw these dinosaurs in the films "Jurassic Park" and documentary programs. They can be recognized by the presence on the back of plates and spikes that could be designed to regulate body temperature and scare away predators.

Teeth of sauropods found in Yakutia

Did you know that dinosaurs found the time of the formation of the rings of Saturn?

Since the climate in Yakutia was veryfavorable, scientists believe that other animals lived there. For example, in addition to warm-blooded creatures like dinosaurs, cold-blooded animals could also be found there. These include modern turtles and lizards. Only here crocodiles were clearly not found there, because the conditions favorable for all other creatures for them are still too harsh.

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By the way, about crocodiles. Recently, paleontologists have discovered the remains of predators residing in Russia about 210 million years ago, similar to modern crocodiles. They belonged to the Rauisuchia group and possessed bodies up to ten meters long. Researchers believe that these creatures produced a terrifying look on dinosaurs and were their only enemies. About these animals, which literally dominated all dinosaurs, you can read in our special material.