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The remains of the ancient Amazon were found in Armenia

Numerous archaeological findsprove that not only men but also strong women participated in the bloody wars of antiquity. For example, in early November 2019, we talked about how scientists managed to recreate the appearance of a woman who fought alongside the Vikings. But did you know that brave women warriors once lived long ago even in the territory of modern Armenia? The skeleton of one of them in 2017 was found on the territory of the so-called Lori region in the north of the state. Initially, archaeologists were sure that they had unearthed the remains of a girl from a wealthy family, but further examination of the bones showed that she had good musculature. Perhaps she was one of the Amazons described in ancient Greek myths.

Shot from the film “Wonder Woman”

The discovery of Armenian archaeologists toldForbes Edition. Analysis of the bones showed that the warrior died about 2600 years ago. Initially, it was believed that the 20-year-old girl belonged to a wealthy family. At least, the jewels discovered at the place of her death testified to this. However, with a further study of her skeleton, scientists found traces of numerous wounds and signs of strong muscles. In particular, we are talking about the developed muscles of the chest, shoulders and hips, which in those days stood out especially from the experienced archery and horsemen. Therefore, archaeologists have suggested that in addition to wealth, the girl could have extensive experience participating in bloody battles on horseback.

The remains of an ancient warrior

Have women participated in wars?

Thousands of years ago in modernThe state of Urartu was located in Armenia. According to the Armenian researchers, led by archaeologist Anahit Khudaverdyan, the warrior could well have been a representative of the people living in this state. There is evidence that Scythians and other opponents often attacked Urartu, so the girl could well have died in one of the fights that arose. This is evidenced by a trace from the arrowhead on her left knee. However, this shot was not fatal and was wounded long before her death.

Red lines mark the places where the girl was injured.

Most likely, the girl died from two wounds inhips and a strong ax hit on the left leg. Since she was injured with various weapons, scientists suggested that several people attacked her at once. It is noteworthy that not far from the place where the girl died, the remains of at least five men were found earlier. This means that in the culture of the state of Urartu, both men and women had the right to participate in battles.

Most likely, the murder of the girl looked just like that

According to researchers, suchwomen-drivers as a discovered girl could well become the basis for many ancient Greek myths about the Amazons. Judging by these stories, these women did not tolerate husbands with them and went on military campaigns led by their queen. To reproduce offspring, they used men from other nations. In the case of the birth of sons, they left them to their fathers, and of the girls brought up new Amazons. Was the girl found a representative of this unusual people, it’s unlikely that she will ever be able to find out for sure.

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