The quadcopter was first equipped with mechanical arms, but what is the use of them?

Unmanned aerial vehicles mainlythey are equipped with cameras for taking video from a great height, while police models have nets for catching quadcopters flying in the wrong places. A small company Youbionic decided to go further, and experiment with the capabilities of flying devices - it equipped them with mechanical arms, which are able to lift objects and transport them to other places. The most interesting thing is that everyone can assemble such an "assistant" - only the quadcopter itself, servo drives and a 3D printer are needed.

The founder of Youbionic is Federico.Tsikareze - he is known for selling STL files for printing bionic hands on a 3D printer. Subsequently, a real prosthesis of the missing arm can be assembled from the printed parts, or an additional limb can be created.

Mechanical hands for drone - why are they needed?

Recently, a 3D printing wizard created a set of files.“Drone for Handy”, with which you can print two mechanical hands and a plastic frame, with which you can attach them to almost any quadcopter. To set the limbs in motion, users are only required to equip them with eleven servo drives and connect them to the Arduino Nano hardware platform for transmitting commands.

According to the developer, a quadrocopter with twohands can be used to transport items. For example, if a person has forgotten the car keys in his office, he can send a drone to the room, which will pick them up and bring them to the right place.

The company has demonstrated the abilityquadcopter pick up items in the video below, but it shows that his fingers do not have enough mobility to firmly squeeze a jar of chips. This is probably why it is enclosed in a plastic bag and is held almost with two fingers. Also doubts are caused by the capacity of the device - it directly depends on the reliability of the hands and the strength of the quadcopter itself.

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Of course, the weakness of the apparatus is associated only withso that it is assembled practically from improvised means. More professional devices, like Uber quadcopters, can even deliver food. More information about this can be found in our material.

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