The prototype of the Tesla Semi truck was spotted on the road.

It so happened that the new cars Teslabegin to "accidentally" appear on the roads some time after the presentation. Prior to that, someone occasionally rode on the brand new Model S, who had not yet gone to the conveyor, but now it was the turn of the Tesla Semi truck, which was photographed in broad daylight on an ordinary municipal road.

Thanks to the attentive operator, very on timeturned out to be close to the Tesla design center, past which an electric truck drove along the road, we will be able to examine the new product in more detail, having made the most complete picture of how an electric cargo car will look like from Ilon Mask.

The video clearly shows that the back partthe cabin has no compartments and equipment located in the niche behind it. Apparently, the battery, as well as his fellow passenger, is really located in the bottom of the truck. Apparently, the debugged installation and disassembly of the batteries in the best way allows for the replacement with just this arrangement of batteries, and the weight seems to distribute this position better.

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According to the information publishedDevelopers, Tesla Semi battery capacity is about 1 MWh - a fairly large battery, which, because of its weight and size, is really difficult to install along the chassis or hang on the car's cab.

Mass production of electric truck inTesla plan to start in two years. After the presentation, the number of pre-orders for Tesla Semi began to grow slowly, but steadily - several large orders for trucks came from Wallmart, Sysco and Anheuser-Busch. Companies are actively advocating for environmental protection, so they plan to buy small lots of Tesla trucks to reduce the amount of harmful emissions.