The profession of an ancient Egyptian woman was determined by the remains of her teeth

It is sometimes difficult to study ancient cultures.say what this or that person was doing. Fortunately, in ancient Egypt, along with the dead, put a variety of objects that were associated with their status and craft - in most cases, the occupation of the Egyptians was determined precisely by these finds. There is another, and much more accurate, method of defining the craft of ancient people — the study of their skeletons. Recently, researchers from the University of Alberta examined Egyptian women who lived 4,000 years ago and found out that she was engaged in a very unexpected craft.

The marks on her teeth clearly hint that shewas a needlewoman. This is a very unexpected discovery, because earlier it was believed that only seven professions were discovered for Egyptian women: priestesses in temples, singer, musician, dancer, mourners, weavers and midwives. Apparently, the needlewoman was highly respected - she was buried in a wooden coffin with alabaster vessels, a bronze mirror and cosmetics.

Unlike 1070 teeth found in the necropoliswhere the remains were found, the teeth of this woman had worn places unnatural for chewing. The two central incisors were worn in the shape of a wedge, and the remaining 14 teeth had flat abrasions. The researchers concluded that the artisan used her teeth to split the reed, which was used to weave baskets, sandals, rugs and even curtains.

The state of the teeth of the Egyptian woman says thatshe often had a raid and often suffered from pain. These problems were most likely related to the sticky parts of the cane, and some abrasions hint at the frequent use of an analgesic to soothe sore gums.

This study proves once againthat teeth can tell a lot about ancient people. Previously, scientists have already managed to figure out the profession of people in this way - the state of tooth enamel even helped determine what human ancestors ate in the Stone Age.

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