The price of parts for iPhone 12 Pro is calculated and the geography of their manufacturers is presented

For the production of smartphones iPhone 12 Apple allmore important is the cooperation of the American company with its main competitor - the South Korean concern Samsung. The Nikkei journalists came to this conclusion, having analyzed, together with the Japanese company Fomalhaut Techno Solutions, the prices of parts and the geography of suppliers of components for Apple smartphones in 2020.

When disassembling and evaluating the cost of parts of the iPhone 12Pro, it was revealed that device components made by companies in South Korea accounted for 26.8% (in value terms) of the total spent on smartphone parts. This figure exceeded the price of parts made in the USA and amounted to 21.9%.

The increase in the share of South Korean companies is associated withprimarily with Apple's move from LCD to OLED displays from Samsung Display and LG Display. So the screen from Samsung costs $ 70 for the iPhone 12 Pro. However, the most expensive part for the iPhone 12 Pro is the Qualcomm X55 5G modem, which is priced at $ 90. About $ 40 cost the company a proprietary A14 Bionic processor, $ 12.8 was allocated for RAM, and $ 19.2 for flash memory. Sensors from the Japanese company Sony are priced from $ 7.4 to $ 7.9 per unit.

Apple's total cost of iPhone partsThe 12 Pros were around $ 406, which is $ 33 more than the base iPhone 12 components cost. Meanwhile, the retail price difference is around $ 200.

However, to estimate the total production costssmartphones should take into account considerable funds for research, marketing and design work, delivery of parts and finished products, development and debugging of software, advertising and many other items from which the cost is formed.

The experts also noted that during the productionFor the iPhone 12 Pro, parts from European companies were actively used, the share of which is exactly equal to the share of American suppliers and is 21.9%.

The Japanese, in addition to sensors for cameras, supplyiPhone 12 series smartphones battery cells developed by Amperex Technology, a subsidiary of Japan's TDK headquartered in Hong Kong. In total, Japan accounts for 12% of the cost of components in the iPhone 12 Pro.

Taiwan and mainland China shareminor shares of 11.2% and 4.6%, which was the result of constant disputes between countries over the rights to use technology. Meanwhile, Nikkei notes that the iPhone 12 is being assembled in factories located in China and in order to reduce Apple's dependence on a competing country in the United States, the company needs to look for alternative production sites.

Source: nikkei