The President of the Russian Federation signed the law on sovereign RuNet

The law of isolation that has provoked numerous disputesThe Russian segment of the Internet from the global network was signed by Vladimir Putin on May 1. The law will ensure the stability of the Runet in case of possible coordinated attacks or disconnection of Russia from the World Wide Web.

The document grants the right to Roskomnadzorimplement centralized traffic management in accordance with the regulations developed by the government of the Russian Federation. Such a need may arise in the event of threats to the sustainable, safe and holistic operation of the Internet in Russia. Sources and types of threats will be determined by the cabinet, as well as the rules and procedures for taking measures to counter threats.

In addition, the cabinet must determine“... cases of managing technical means of countering threats and transmitting mandatory instructions”, as well as the conditions under which telecom operators will have the right not to send traffic through technical means of countering threats. Such funds will be provided by Roskomnadzor.

In the case when the operators install suchmeans, they are automatically exempt from the need to independently block content prohibited in the Russian Federation. Also in Russia, a national domain name system is being created, the rules and procedure for creating which should also be developed by Roskomnadzor. A list of domain name groups representing the Russian national domain zone will be defined. The management of the process of creating domain names will be entrusted to a non-profit organization, the founders of which will be the Russian Federation.

The work of the law will begin from November 1, 2019. The exception will be sections related to the use of cryptographic protection and the national domain name system, which will take effect from January 1, 2021.