The police showed how to crack the iPhone (video)

Information privacy problem,stored on smartphones, has repeatedly become a problem in the investigation of serious crimes. Timely information received can lead to the capture of criminals and even the prevention of terrorist attacks. The Scottish police presented a demo of the official hacking of a locked smartphone using special equipment and software.

According to law enforcement authorities, usingpresented system "Cyberkiosk", you can get information from any smartphone. Using a standard personal computer equipped with special software, the police can extract data from a locked device by connecting via a USB port.

After connecting the mobile device toa special menu appears on the computer’s monitor of the latter in which you can select the type of data required by law enforcement agencies. / This can be contact data, SMS or any media files.

According to the Scottish Police, every access touser data is carried out by decision of the court and is justified by the need to obtain information for further investigation of crimes. The development of this system was carried out by the well-known company Cellebrite from Israel, which has already provided assistance to law enforcement officers when hacking smartphones, including the iPhone.