The planes will begin to install a system for filtering water from business jets

From this year, passenger aircraft will beginequip water disinfection system, which will allow passengers to have access to drinking water directly from the tap. The Canadian company International Water Guard was able to develop a more affordable analogue of the filtration system, which previously only business jets could boast.

In the new system of disinfection companyused ultraviolet LEDs instead of ultraviolet lamps. This has reduced the cost of the device, although the performance of the analog is significantly less than that of the original system. Given that ultraviolet lamps need to be changed every 3,000 hours of flight (and the aircraft flies an average of eight to 8,000 hours per year), in the end it is unlikely to be beneficial for airlines.

Now water disinfection systems are notused in aircraft, writes the publication Flightglobal. Airlines easier to load on board drinking water at the airport. From the tanks is taken only water for hot drinks, which is previously subjected to boiling. On business jets such systems are widely used, but their average flying time is 16 times less.

The development of International Water Guard suggestsavailability of an electronic meter for drinking water consumption during the flight. Now the tanks of airplanes with water are refueled completely, and the accounting of water will allow saving and pouring just enough to have enough for all passengers to fly.

Install the system will begin this year onBoeing 737NG liners. The first aircraft with drinking water will be the sides of the Canadian airline Air Transat. Subsequently, the manufacturer plans to obtain certification for installation on other aircraft, including the most common Airbus A320.

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