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The Perseverance rover has taken nearly 6,000 photographs. You can already see them

Perseverance rover landed on the surfaceRed planet on February 18, 2021 and has already managed to take more than 6 thousand photos. Anyone can see them, and the library is updated automatically. So any person has a chance to see fresh photos one of the first. However, the published images are shown "as is", without processing in graphic editors. From time to time, NASA employees put these images together to create beautiful and detailed images. They recently created one of the highest quality panoramic images of Mars, the original of which weighs 610 megabytes. Now I will tell you how to keep track of new photos from the Perseverance rover and which images you need to pay more attention to.

It is normal that there are sharp breaks in the picture. After all, the image is glued from many different frames

Photos from the Perseverance rover

If you are interested in the Perseverance mission, you cantake a look at this site. All new images of Mars, obtained from the most high-tech rover, are published there. At the time of this writing, more than 6,000 photos have been published there, but this number is constantly growing. It is important to note that none of the pictures have been processed in graphic editors and are unlikely to be shown in the news. Science journals usually publish more beautiful photographs that have been stitched together from many small pictures. The processed images are published on this site - it can even be bookmarked.

One of the many photos taken by the Perseverance rover

The most interesting photos are taken on camerasMastcam-Z. This pair of cameras is mounted on a special rover mast, which can be rotated in different directions at the eye level of a 2-meter person. The swivel mast allows you to take panoramic photos. And the presence of two cameras at once endows the rover with a kind of stereoscopic vision, like a human. Also, Mastcam-Z cameras are interesting in that they shoot photos with different focal lengths. Thanks to this, NASA employees can glue detailed photographs from many small frames. Near the rover, you can see stones 3–5 millimeters in size, and near the horizon - objects 2-3 meters in size.

Mastcam-Z cameras on the Perseverance rover

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Panorama of Mars from Perseverance

The Mastcam-Z recently took 142 photos, fromwhich was stitched together with one of the most detailed panoramic images of Mars in history. This picture shows the edge of the Jezero crater, on the territory of which the rover is located. The original photo weighs 610 megabytes. If you download it and gradually zoom in, you can see many interesting objects. But it is worth considering that weak computers will open such a photo for a long time - they may even freeze. Fortunately, there is a compressed version of the snapshot that weighs 52 megabytes.

Panoramic shot of Mars taken with Perseverance

You can download the full version of the Mars panorama using this link. You can also download a compressed version there. By opening the files on a computer, you can see more details.

The image below shows exactly whichobjects can be seen in the panorama when zoomed in. The picture shows a small rock, which is smoothed by the Martian winds. Scientists hope that thanks to such images, they will find interesting objects on the Jezero crater, to which the Perseverance rover will head. The movement of the device can be monitored directly from your computer. Here is a site with a special map. The rover is marked in blue. The blue circle is the territory of the Jezero crater.

When enlarging the pictures, you can see such detailed details

Photos from Mars orbit

At the moment, Mars is not being surveyedonly the Perseverance rover. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) satellite, which is equipped with a HiRISE camera, operates in orbit on the Red Planet. All pictures taken by this unit are laid out on this page. It is expected that some of the most interesting photographs of the entire MRO mission will appear there in the near future. Around May 2021, the Perseverance rover will start moving and the camera built into the satellite will be able to record this. These pictures will clearly go down in history and when they are published, we will definitely tell you about it.

Satellite Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

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The Perseverance rover and MRO station have recentlytook amazing pictures. Thanks to the built-in cameras, we were able to see the moment of the landing of the new rover. And there are two pictures: one was taken with the so-called "sky crane", and the other was taken by a satellite. You can see these photos at this link. There you will also find several color images taken directly by the Perseverance rover.