The performance of the top Apple M2 Max was compared with the RTX 4070 (3 photos)

Newly introduced M2 Max with 38-coreThe GPU was compared in performance with modern RTX 4000-series graphics cards. Spoiler - Apple lost to the RTX 4070m laptop graphics card in the OpenCL test. The performance difference was 35%.

The M2 Max processor comes in 14" and16-inch MacBook Pro. The RTX 4070 graphics card was installed in a Samsung laptop. It was also equipped with a 14-core Intel Core i9-13900HK processor with 20 threads.

In the OpenCL test, the Samsung laptop scored 102,130points, while the M2 Max with 38-core GPU only scores 75,139 points. Beyond that, the power cap for the RTX 4070 laptop was not mentioned in Geekbench 5, meaning gaming laptops with more efficient cooling solutions are likely to outperform Apple's new 2023 MacBook Pro line.

Apple M2 Max

RTX 4070 Mobile

Source: wccftech