The peak of technology: Google opened a new Bay View campus for employees

Google has opened its new Bay View campus in San Francisco to employees.

Moreover, this is a completely independent Google project, starting from a design project and ending with construction.

Naturally, a building of this scale was not without innovative features and interesting solutions.

For example, the campus rooftop is made up of 90,000 solar panels that are capable of generating seven megawatts of power, covering about 40 percent of the building's energy needs.

Also in the building there are kitchens in which electronic equipment is located, it was decided to completely abandon gas, a ventilation system that pumps air from the street, and automatic curtains on the windows.

But that's not all.The building has a geothermal plant that can provide heat or cool the building, eliminating the use of fossil fuels and reducing the use of water in cooling by up to 90 percent.

In general, as usual, Google was able to surprise everyonea grandiose structure, but how convenient it is for the staff to work there can only be guessed at. But something tells me that everything is fine with the conditions there. In any case, it is known for sure that there are seven different cafes in Bay View, and from each workplace there is a view of the street.