The original muffler reduces noise by 94% (2 pics + video)

Modern man is surrounded by many workersmechanisms that emit sometimes harmful noise to health. High-performance silencer made of innovative metamaterials was proposed by engineers from Boston University. According to the developers, the device blocks up to 94% of noise.

The test device is made in the form of a thickrings. The principle of operation of the muffler is the reverse reflection of sound vibrations inside the ring. The effect is achieved due to the unique structure of the metamaterial, which is a complex of complex cells. The design of the ring - screw, twisting inward. Acoustic waves, reflecting inside the cells and spreading to the center of the ring, gradually lose their energy.

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The main task for designers isthe manufacture of the device of the necessary form to prevent acoustic waves from flowing around the muffler. The form can be set any, depending on the device radiating noise.

New silencers operate in a passive mode, do not require prevention and do not wear out over time. You can use them almost everywhere: from aircraft engines to scooter motor.