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The original monitor with an unconventional aspect ratio of 16:18 was developed (3 photos)

For users who need twomonitors, LG engineers have prepared an original solution - a display with an unconventional aspect ratio of 16:18, which allows you to split the screen into two vertically arranged displays. The model was named DualUp and, according to the developers, represents a completely new format for monitors. LG engineers claim that the new monitor has a screen area equal to that of two 21.5-inch displays.

New DualUp monitor (LG classification - model28MQ780) gets a display diagonal of 27.6 inches at a resolution of 2560 × 2880. The maximum image brightness is 300 nits, the contrast ratio is 1000: 1, and the DCI-P3 color space coverage is 98%.

Comfortable ergonomic Ergo stand included inThe DualUp package will allow you to install the monitor on almost any work surfaces and tables. In addition to the performance and creativity offered by the original DualUp form factor, the developers argue that the dual-height display has ergonomic advantages. The user makes fewer head movements in the horizontal direction, and these movements are considered to be the main cause of fatigue and neck pain. The original design allows you to perform multiple tasks at once, while tracking, for example, Slack, Microsoft Teams and other applications. According to engineers, the new form factor is ideal for video editors.

Another novelty that LG will present atJanuary CES 2022, there was a 32-inch display called UltraFine with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a resolution of 4K. For the first time, the UltraFine display uses a Nano IPS Black panel, capable of delivering the most realistic blacks possible.

The UltraFine monitor has a brightness of 400 nits and a contrast ratio of 2000: 1. The "self-calibration" sensor will provide the most accurate color reproduction when editing photo and video files.

Both LG displays have twoHDMI ports, one USB-C for connecting to a computer, and two USB-C for connecting peripherals. Additional USB-C ports allow you to recharge smartphones or laptops and provide up to 96W of charging power. More detailed technical parameters of the new monitors will be presented at CES 2022.

Source: theverge